I have been going to step 2 starz dance academy since October 2010 , i go to all the classes and i am in the London dance team. I always look forward to my lessons with Shona, Jenny and Zoe , we learn so much and have lots of fun.I have made lots of new friends there and i love it!!
By Taylor Ritson

Becoming part of this academy has become part of my life. everyone makes you feel so welcome, its like one big family, Joining the academy is one of the best choices i have ever made.
By Bethany Ashton

Joining Step 2 starz has built up my confidence and i really enjoy it. There are great opportunities like trips to the street Dance championships and performing in the West End!! I have always enjoyed Dancing and Step 2 starz is amazing, Shona, Jenny and Zoe are great Dance Teachers.
By Georgia Pennicott

Step 2 Starz gives you amazing opportunities like performing in the West End and in the yearly academy shows, Shona, Jenny and Zoe are all working really hard to push us to be the best but still make sure they make every lesson fun. I am very grateful to Step 2 Starz for giving me the chance to be a better dancer.
By Freya Quinton

I like Step 2 Starz because we have some amazing chances to do some amazing things and also becaus you get to make lots of new friends.
By Alisha Gartland

Step 2 Starz has given me more confidence when i’m performing and when meeting new people. i’ve had the most amazing time and been given some of the best experiences i could ever have.
By Chloe Wright

Step 2 Starz is really great, its like a giant family, everyones so friendly and Shona, Jenny and Zoe all work really hard for us. I ennjoy all the trips that they arrange for us and its all just so brilliant.
By Lewis Quinton

Step 2 Starz is brilliant! It is such an amazing opportunity to go and perform in London.
By Lewis Salter

Great opportunities, great experience, one big family.
By Emilia Hill

Since joining the academy we have gained more self confidence and have also learnt to express ourselves through dance.
By Mollie Masterton and Courtney Guppy

I like Step 2 Starz because we have lots of time to Dance.
By Chloe Rice

I love the Ballet classes because i have never done it before, i also love the musical Theatre because it is really jolly.
By Abbie-Mai Hardy

Step 2 starz is so much Fun.
By Esme Khadaroo

I like Step 2 starz because we somtimes play Stomp at the end of the lesson. I really like London rehearsals because i have a solo part.
By Jack Dyer

I like coming to Step 2 Starz because i love to dance and Shona, Jenny and Zoe are more than Dance Teachers to me they are my Friend too.
By Caitlin Johnston

step 2 Starz is like one big Family everyone gets along and helps eachother out, Shona, Jenny, Zoe and TC are all amazing Teachers.
By Ciar O’Connor

I phoned Shona about sending all 3 of my boys to street dance for exercise, fun, to make new friends and improve confidence, especially my middle boy who lacked confidence terribly in open circles. She was more than happy for them to join and help if she could.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of all the instructors at Step 2 Starz he is so much more confident since joining the troupe, he has even stood up in front of the school as a narrator recently in his school play.

My other two love it also, practicing all the time at home. They have also busted a move or two in performances during the teignmouth and dawlish carnival, and are now working towards a show in the west end.

I am so proud of them and want to thank everyone for what they have done for all my boys.
Long may it continue.
By Nancy

My daughter has attended step2starz since it first opened in Oct 2010. Her confidence has grown, its enjoyable way for her to keep fit, and it has given her much needed respite from her GCSE’s. Shona and her team are dedicated to helping all the pupils reach their potential and aim for the starz.
By Nicola Donald