Little Starz

Little starz is a brand new Dance Academy set up and established in 2017 under the umbrella of Step 2 Starz Dance Academy. After 7 years of Step 2 Starz providing popular Dance classes for 5-18 year olds we are now branching out and offering exciting, enthusiastic and creative dance classes for pre-school children of 2-5 years of age. 
The aim of Little starz is to encourage all children to become involved in Dance movement of all kinds, interaction, imagination and exercise.

We want to promote a fun and welcoming atmosphere where children can learn and have fun. 
We encourage parents/relatives/friends/carers to participate in the classes with their child and hope that it can be a fun and exciting adventure that children and adults can enjoy together. Alternatively if adults do not want to participate they are more than welcome to watch their child or wait in the waiting area. 
All little starz students will be given the opportunity to participate in their very own pre-show performance on stage at a local Theatre each year and will feature in the main Academy show programme. They will also be offered a mini photo shoot session once a year with our Academy photographer. When little starz student’s turn 5 they will automatically be offered a space within Step 2 Starz Dance Academy without needing to be on a waiting list where they can further expand their dance skills and attend various other dance classes.

We are very excited to be launching these brand new classes and with over 40 years of Dance experience between us we feel that we have a lot of knowledge, enthusiasm and enjoyment to bring to the lessons.

We look forward to welcoming you into Little Starz and starting to develop your Dance adventures.

Many Thanks – Shona Bird & Rachel Martin

Classes & Information

Twinklesteps is a little girl who LOVES dancing. She’s also a fairy and has magical shoes that light up and sparkle when she dances. She practises her ballet every day, loves adventures, solving problems and making new friends. She loves to help people and is very kind. She is naturally curious, bold and sometimes a bit cheeky! Imagination and play is a wonderful way of encouraging young children to enjoy dance & the delights of ballet so it’s no coincidence that imagination and ballet often go hand in hand when it comes to inspiring young children to dance. There’s a magical quality about Ballet: the beautiful costumes, the storytelling and the other worldly feel of watching dancers move so gracefully, so the magical world of fairies is an ideal theme to introduce children to creative movement and basic ballet steps.

Throughout the twinklesteps classes students will follow set exercises and movement sequences to encourage them to develop their dance movement skills, creativity, balance, flexibility, travel, posture and imagination.

At every 6 month period (summer/Christmas) Fairies will receive different items to acknowledge their developments within their classes. These might be anything from their own fairy wings, wands or Fairy dust to Light up butterflies, Sparkly hair ties or glittery ribbons.

Teddy’s Adventure: This is a unique and individual dance syllabus written and devised by Rachel & Shona themselves. Therefore it cannot be found anywhere else. They have created 36 different adventures for Teddy to go on whilst incorporating various Dance movements along the way. Children will learn different ways to travel, different levels of movement, different paces of movement, how to execute energy into their movements and basic strengthening and stretching exercises. With this in mind children take their favourite teddies on the journey with them and will use their imaginations to follow each weeks rhythmic adventure.

At the end of each 6 week period Children will receive a completion certificate stating what they have previously learnt. Students will also be invited to a Party Week completing the 37 weeks of adventures across a year.