Step 2 Starz Awards

Step 2 Starz Dance Academy strives on the development and progression of each and every one of their students in a positive, encouraging approach. We feel it is important for children to enjoy the classes as well as wanting to progress in their achievement.

Here at Step 2 Starz we have various awards that we like to present the children with on a regular basis.

DANCER OF THE WEEK AWARD – At the end of every lesson the children gather round for a short discussion on how the class went, along with other important information which may need to be given out. Each week a child in each class will be presented with the “Dancer of the Week” award. This is a Dance Trophy in which the child can keep with them at home for the Week and return it to the Academy at their next class. Children enjoy receiving the award and are congratulated at the end of each lesson by the Teachers and other Dance Friends within the class.

JOY DUFFY AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT – This is a very special award which was given to the Academy by one of our longest students (Freya and Lewis Quinton) grandparents. When the Academy received the Glass Star Trophy it was agreed by the Teachers that we would use it to present to individual children on a term time basis to those who have exceeded themselves or have stood out for various different reasons. The child then keeps the award until the following Term where it will be presented to another child within the Academy.

MOST IMPROVED DANCER AWARD – Step 2 starz Dance Academy hold Annual Dance Shows each year where the children perform to an audience different routines in which they have been practicing during their weekly classes. At the end of the last Showcase an “Awards Ceremony” is held in which selected children within each Dance class are chosen to receive various different awards. The Most improved dancer award is something which we have been presenting to individuals since the Academy opened. It is to reflect on the development and progression  in which individuals have shown throughout their classes. These awards will be presented to individuals on stage at the End of the Show and will be theirs to keep.

SPECIAL MENTION – This is also something in which we like to acknowledge at the end of each Annual Dance showcase and was only recently introduced to the Academy in 2013. It was decided between the Teachers due to the difficulty in trying to pick out only one individual within a dance class when each and every one of them had shown development in one way or another. The special mention could go to one, two, three or numerous amounts of students within the Academy as we feel it is important to recognise the success in all students. Last year we introduced the  presentation  of small Dance Medals and Dance rosettes.  These awards will be the theirs to keep.

DANCER OF THE NIGHT – Dancer of the night is an award which has been going since the Academy opened. It is the highlight of the Awards Ceremony and is presented to one individual for their outstanding achievement in all areas throughout the Shows themselves. This is decided at the end of all the show performances and is presented last at the Awards Ceremony. This trophy will be the Dancer of the nights own, to keep.

DANCER OF THE NIGHT SHIELD – The dancer of the night will also be presented with the Dancer of the night Shield – This is a wooden shield with a number of plain plaques attached to it. Each year the Academy will engrave each plaque with the name of the individual, date and the Show name and the individual will be able to keep this plaque until the next Show the following year.